Description: is Recently launched PTC site where you can earn from viewing ads and by purchasing the and receiving the profit for fixed amount and for fixed days. this site launched on 30-07-2021 and paying till to date with active support from user and administration. PTC site introduce another concept of earning in PTC industry with no membership system and no rented Referrals

According to Forum post, you do not need to click on ads in order to get the daily earning Use the simple rule, Buy the Bulks Ads and Receive the 180% return for your purchases within 90 days that is basically 2% every day for 90 days

This Site status is now turned to suspicious site screenshot

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Site Detail

Site Type

PTC (Paid to click) + Revenue share

Site Status

Suspicious Site

Site Script

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Site Launched


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How you can earn from site

there are 2+ earning ways for member to earn from

Earning Ways

Paid to Click (PTC ADS)

Bulk Ads (Revenue share)

Explanation of Earning Model uses the Revenue sharing model where user can get the fixed amount profit what they invested, for example if a single user invested a $1 (which is also minimum amount) then then will get the $1.8 in 90 days which is equal to 2% daily for 90 days.

The main earning system is Revenue sharing which is fixed and also has a PTC Ads system which is not necessary to get the earning has only single Membership System and has no Rented referral thus there is no fear that you will be wasting the time and money on Rented referrals. also has a unique Direct Referrals systems where user can invite a unlimited amount of referrals and for each direct they invited the user will get 150 statoshi for each Direct Referral  . Uses the Unique Direct Referrals Systems which has the following benefits

  1. 10 % Commission for each Referral Deposit for lifetime
  2. Earn 150 satoshi for Each direct referrral you bring it to
  3. you will earn 30% comission form each of your DR who clicks on PTC ads

so that mean if someone expert in referring the people then you  can earn handsome amount without investing any single dollar.

They also have a PTC Ads Section which is not necessory to be clicked but that is good ways to spent your credit you received with purcahse, maybe someone can click on your  ads and become referrals?

Member Earning Detail

Bulk Has a no membership system instead they use the revenue sharing model with some unique ideas

 Membership Types


 Per Click


 Per DR Click

30% from Referrals clicks

  Per RR Click

No Rented Referrals

 Number of ADS


 Forced ADS


 AVG Daily Earning

different for each user

 Inactivity Limit


 Cashout Limit


 Min Cashout


 Cashout time


 DR Limit


 RR Limit

No Rented Referrals

Pros and Cons



High Daily Earning

Revenue sharing Model

No Rented Referrals


Unlimited Direct Referrals


Direct Referral Earning Banners

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Other info of

15-08-2021--- None at the moment as this is the initial Review of but most probably this will be not last long as a single revenue sharing

17-08-2021--- today this site removed the forum so user cannot contact each other, this is also first sign of going to scam, as i mentioned earlier this site won't last long just because this is only single revenue sharing site and site administration is not answering the support ticket, from now you should be careful

News History of

30-07-2021--- Site launched

17-08-2021--- site administration removed the forum

Verdict has launched on 30-07-2021 and this is a new site but well designed and and well coded and have nice earning feature uses the Revenue Sharing as a Base Earning Model which in my opinion is not stable if site administration does not have a other source of income

most revenue sharing site pay the older user with new user deposit thus when they out of money then they gone permanently without any notice and that is why the single revenue sharing model is stable

as this site uses single model, i doubt that this Will last long until site administration found something unique

one things that make me suspicious is the that they putted the site of the year award but they had no link from whom they won the award ?

my last words for Review is that this site is new so invest as much as you can withstand the lose if the site gone and use the PTC credits for your other sites to get referral from them

last Updated 17-08-2021