Scam Site

Same owner of linxium:

if you search on google image with you will find it that this is same owner of previous scam site

Reason No.1: using the same design of (not even any difference) + plus same System of earning as .

Reason No.2: Using the Same referral Link of coinpayu.

Reason No.3:  Search about and you will find it same copy of site everywhere.

one member posted there on forum

Result: This site is now Scam

Review is Closed


Buxer.One is newly launched PTC with unique ideas in PTC industry which never seen before. This site promises to create a new trend in PTC industry if everything goes according to site plan.

Buxer.One has one of its kinds membership systems and profits pack aka revenue share which are unique to this PTC site and never seen before

Side note: This is my initial review and will be updating when i see something new in Buxer.One


so, let get started with site screenshot

Site Screenshot

Buxer-One-account-page Buxer-One-banners Buxer-One-chance-game Buxer-One-forum Buxer-One-chance-grid-more-info Buxer-One-forum-post Buxer-One-loans-panel Buxer-One-membership Buxer-One-memberships-plans Buxer-One-profit-packs Buxer-One-rent-referrals


Site Detail

 Site Type

PTC (Paid to click)

 Site Status

New Site

 Site Script

Custom Script made from Scratch

 Site Launched


 Site Owner



How you can earn from site

There are 5+ earning ways for member to earn from

Earning Ways

Paid to Click (PTC ADS)

Chance Grid (clix grid)

Mini lottery


Referral Contest*


*the referral is contest is started on 18-08-2021 (30days)

Offerwall List

CPX Research


Medium Path

Monlix Offers


Site Earning  (Standard Membership)

Membership Types


Per Click


Per DR Click


Per RR Click


Number of ADS


Forced ADS


AVG Daily Earning


Inactivity Limit


Cashout Limit

$4 (incremental)

Min Cashout

$4 need profit pack to cashout

Cashout time

5 Days

DR Limit


RR Limit


Site Earning Explanation


BuxerOne offer one of its kinds PTC ads system which in unique to this site, what make its unique is its frameless ads systems where user can click the ads the ads will be open in new windows without any frame, the user needs ads windows to be opened until he got credited.

On their banner they have written that $10 per click, that is true however you have to invest at least $8980 in order to get the $10 per click

ok, let have a look at the $10 per click membership


buxerone expert membership

As you can see in the image above that this "EXPERT MEMBERSHIP" has $10 per click and has  a validity of 365 days.

let calculate the cost and see if this is beneficial for user

Membership cost = $8980

Validity = 365 days

Per click = $10

Total earning in 365 days = $10x365 = 3650

Since there is 4 fixed ads in this site (self sponsered ) so this will be

3650*4 = $14600 total earning in 365 days

The above calculation is only from self click without any direct / rented referrals, so if you bought the expert membership valued at $8980 then you will get the 14600 total earning in 365 days which in profit $14600-$8980 = $5620, that is some nice amount of profit but the BIG QUESTION is the site will remain online or it will be gone when the adminstration got such huge amount of money?,  because in these days many sites come and go without any notic and users are getting losses these days.

If you ask me about my opinion then i would go againt direct investing, you should invest step by step and buy each membership step by step and when you get your profit then you should invest on another membership that is only my opinion.


BuxerOne another unique feature is  called Chance Grid aka Clix Grid but with 100% difference

In this chance game you are given a 8 chance daily for free and every time you won something instead of wasting time just like other PTC sites

the main difference is every time you click on play game you won something but on other site you waste time by clicking on it and you won nothing

You can win the following things in BuxerOne Chance Grid

  1. Rented Referrals
  2. Purchase Balance
  3. Points
  4. Profit Packs

it has some other unique benefits like rewards multiplier which mean if you play daily then there is chance your winning will be higher every day

Another unique feature of Buxer.One chance Grid aka (clix grid )is that if you out of chance then you can purchase additional chance either by viewing chance ads or by buying the chances via balance which costs $1.00 for 10 chance, in my point of view that is good amount considering that every click will let you win something.


Mini Lottery in another unique earning feature of BuxerOne where user can purchase the lottery ticket in hopes for winning big

This lottery system works like real worlds lottery where user can purchase as many ticket as he want and when all ticket is sold then the site will announce the random user and will award the user with account balance which you can withdraw instantly

as you know that this is lottery and this has first the position where user can earn

  1. $5 for 1stposition
  2. $3 for 2ndposition
  3. $1 for 3rdposition

the amount will be automatically transferred to your account balance and the lottery will be reset automatically so you can try your luck again to win the amount


that is another feature of BuxerOne member called Profit Packs which i will call as a revenue share because this feature work like revenue share and will give you a fixed amount profit for certain days

in the site FAQ the following statement describe how BuxerOne Profit Packs works

“Profit packs are purchased for a period of 100 days and they have a fixed income of $0.01 per day while their price is $0.70 per pack. Profit packs are also required for making withdrawals. We are removing 1 pack per 1 dollar withdrawn. No worries, when removing packs during withdraw system will remove packs that have least days left. Simply just buy packs, earn profit and once they are almost done, withdraw funds. That way you will not loose almost nothing. In order to be credited daily you are required to visit your member account each day while you have profit packs.”


Rented referrals are common thing in PTC sites then why i am mentioning here? the reason is that BuxerOne Rented are different from all other PTC sites,

On other PTC sites you hire them for 30 days and most of them are inactive or giving you a low value of clicks but on BuxerOne, you get the Active Human Referrals which clicks daily and you do not need to RECYCLE the referrals plus they are available for 100 days instead of 30 days and also can be renewed aka extended for 100 days

Visit the Buxer.One FAQ page for more detail regarding Rented referrals


as you know that in most ptc sites when you reached the amount of cashout then you can request the cashout and you got paid but on BuxerOne, there is different rule for withdrawing the money you earned

Let get the example from Buxer.One FAQ Page

“Here, at Buxer.One we use so called contribution module. That means among other requirements, like - minimum amount you can withdraw and days between withdrawals, we in addition have one more requirement for withdraw requests. In the first place, we provide all earnings for our users and do not ask any external deposits to complete any of our requirements! For every dollar you would like to withdraw we require 1 profit pack, profit packs are available to purchase and each pack generates profit for their holders. Price is $0.70 per profit pack and they generate $1.00 in total so even if we require users to have profit packs while requesting their withdrawals we at the same time pay them to have profit packs. In simplified version: Buy packs, make profit from them and then get rid of them when requesting your withdrawal. Simple and honest. First Minimum withdrawal amount is $4.00. it will increase by another $4.00 with every paid request. Withdrawals can be requested every 5 days for all users of any membership level. This has been done for single purpose: to increase users interactions with program. From our rich experience we know that the more involved users are in program, the more successful program will become.”


to make it simple, let break it down to points

  1. For every dollar withdrawn you need a profit pack, for example if you are going to withdraw your $4 you need to purchase the 4 profit packs valued at 0.70x4 = 2.8
  2. You need profit pack to be withdraw money
  3. Minimum withdraw is $4 and will be increase to another $4 for your next withdrawal request
  4. You can request every 5thday for withdrawal and it is same for any membership
  5. The best point is that you will GET PAID INSTANTLY, no matter how much you request.


That is another unique feature of Buxer.One which let you increase the your own earning without purchasing the membership, this feature main concept is just like PTP (paid to promote) where you promote your referral link and you get the earning but on Buxer.One you promote your referral link and when you reached the certain level your own direct referral earning will be increase.

For example, you promote your referral link and you get the 5,000 unique visit to your referral link then your direct referral earning will be increased by $0.0001 and this will go on.

The only caveat in this feature is that you have to constantly promote to your referral link to unique IP to be stayed in level otherwise your earning will back to normal, this is has been made for system stability and reliability and its applied to all membership.


Yes, you heard it right. this PTC site give a loan to its user so user can get their earning started however there is no more info who is eligible for loans, the only thing they state on their is that

“A minimum of 10 trust score is required to apply for minimum loan”

What is trust score and how to gain the trust score, i cannot find this anywhere on Buxer.One site.

When you borrow the loan, you have to return 50% more in loan, for example, you borrow the $10 loan then your returned money will be $15 and loan duration is 30 days stated on site.


The referral contest is started in 18-08-2021 and will be end on 18-09-2021 and its has some unique feature for, let have a list of them


  1. Each referral need to clicked at least 50 ads
  2. After the referral contest end, user will be given another 5 days to complete the click on ads, however any new user you refer in these 5 days this will not be counted towards contest
  3. after the contest end and also grace peroid, then each referral will be checked by site adminstration and the reward will be awarded to those who done this work honestly
  4. THE BEST THINGis that you can refer unlimited number of referral even through you reach your referral limit

Pros and Cons



Unique Script

New site

Unique Design

Purchase Profit Pack to  withdraw money

Unique Earning Feature


Active Administration



BuxerOne Banners

125_banner.png250_banner.png300_banner.png 468_banner.png728_banner.png


Other info of BuxerOne


Buxer.One seems to going to be legit if the owner has good intentions, otherwise it will be ended up as a site before which has same type some unique ideas and other things 

News History of BuxerOne

04-08-2021--- Site launched

11-08-2021--- mini lottery and others update

18-08-2021--- Referral contest started



BuxerOne has launched on 04-08-2021 and this is a new site but well designed and well written as well as using the custom script made from scratch which make this site stand out from all other PTC site which are copy paste of each others.

BuxerOne is new site, so i would advice you to wait for some time and then start investing only what you are afford to lose but if the owner has good intention then this site is going for new change in PTC industry which is a good thing, because every site has copy paste of same function and same design and same system of every other PTC sites.

Buxer.One PTC site uses one of unique membership system which i cannot find in others PTC site in which they let you earn in dollar not in cents as most site offer earning in cents, but if you want to earn in dollar you have to deposit the dollar first or purchase the profit packs.

One thing that make me suspicious is the site withdrawal rule which you need to have for withdrawal to be make but the best part is they have INSTANT PAYMENT no matter how much you request

last updated- 25-09-2021