GPT-View is Aurora based PTC site which offer some unique earning Option. this aurora based PTC is now active paying on time.

GPT-View was launched on 16-08-2019 and was online until August 2020 and then the site was gone, but now the site is back on track from 01-06-2021 so i am thinking that it won’t going offline again, but the the good things is that nothing has been reset, user can continue where they left and even pending payment will paid according to admin

GPT-View has some on unique feature which are not available in other aurora based PTC scripts

Warning: GPT-View has annoying pop-up which is on every page of this site and you have to click 2 times on same link to opened

Side note: this is my initial review and will be updated as site update

GPT-View screenshot

gpt-view-forum-page gpt-view-earning-option gpt-view-homepage gpt-view-forum-post gpt-view-upgrade-page gpt-view-view-ads

Site Detail

Site Type

PTC (Paid to click)

Site Status

Re-Launched Site

Site Script

Aurora Coderz

Site Launched


Site Owner

Jai Mckellar

How you can earn from site

there are 15+ earning ways for member to earn from

Earning Ways

Paid to Click (PTC ADS)

Surf Ads

Prize Box


Guess Game


Coin Flip


Daily Task


Paid Jobs (PTSU or micro task)


Captcha Typing

CPU Miner

High Low Game

Earn Crypto (faucet)


Offerwall List

Offer 4 All

My Ads Wall

Skippy Ads

Clix Wall

Ad Click Wall

Bits Wall


Site Earning  (Standard Membership)

Membership Types


Per Click


Per DR Click

20% of Ads value

Per RR Click


Number of ADS


Forced ADS


AVG Daily Earning


Inactivity Limit


Cashout Limit

7/ days

Min Cashout


Cashout time

7 Days

DR Limit


RR Limit

Not Available

*see the membership screenshot below for more information

gpt-view membership

Earning Option Explanation

  • PTC ads: that is similar to other script and site based on evolution script and other sites
  • surf ADS: On this option you can start surfing the ads while keeping the the window open, same like PTC but here you can stay on same page and pressing the next button contentiously.
  • Prize Box: That is similar to clix grid where you click on button and try your luck and see if you won something, and you will be given the 6 chances daily (this feature has lot of pop-up)
  • PTP: As name suggest that is a PTP (Paid to Promote ) feature which you can Earn from promoting your link on quality sites and you will be give hefty amount based on per 1000 visits
  • Guess Game: That is some unique game to be played, this is where you guess the number and and you will be winner if you your number right or else you will lost. This game has a jackpot and 10% of each bet will be given to jackpot , you can ony win the jackpot if your number is right
  • Shortlinks: In this earning Option you click on view url button and then you will be given a link where you can click on captchas to verify your click, when all steps is completed then you will be awarded with rewards.
  • Coin Flip: That is similar to head & tail game where you chose the option that what come when pressing on coin flip button.
  • offerwalls: This option is self explanation.
  • Milestone: When member completed the certain thing that was setted by site administration then the member will received the bonus as he completed the milestone.
  • Daily Tasks:If a member do the task daily that listed on their account option then he will be given additional rewards.
  • Paid Jobs: This feature is similar to PTSU (Paid to Sign-up ) offers where user create a offer and other user do that offer and get the reward.
  • Video:You can earn by watching the video.
  • Captcha Typing: Earning by typing captchas and you will be given per 1000 typed captcha.
  • CPU Miner: This work similar to BTC mining but this things has a difference feature, you kept open the web page and you will be earning the $0.00001 per min, this browser window uses your PC CPU power to mine.
  • Hi-lo Game: Similar to head and tail game, but this is number game where you guess which number is next.
  • Earn Crypto (Faucet) : Earning the satoshi by visiting the Crypto faucet and claiming the coin

Points System

No points system available at the moment


Pros and Cons



Many Earning Options

Re-launched Site

cheap Yearly Membership

To many pop-up


GPT-View Banners



other info of GPT-View


GPT-View has many earning option and if someone uses the all earning option available on GPT-View then i am sure he will be earning a lot on daily basis, just see that on paid members page, one member is constantly earning there and cashing out, and if you upgrade which cost $20/year then you can easily recover your invested amount within days if you use all the earning options. 

News History of GPT-View

16-08-2019--- Site launched

June -2020--- site gone completely

1-06-2021--- site came back online



GPT-View has launched on 16-08-2019 and was paying on time but the site remain for a year and then gone offline and now the site is online again and re-launched, so i think you should start working but avoid investing heavy amount as you know most PTC sites come and go these days without any warning or sign

GPT-View is aurora based PTC site and most member does not like aurora because the aurora site has low earning and does not contain any special feature, but on GPT-View there are so many CUSTOM CODED feature which are not available by default in any other aurora or other scripts or any custom made site.

I did not like one thing which annoy me is that pop-ups which are on each and every page and user has to click on TWO TIMES on same link for going to new page and the admin told the reason that this has been implemented for site revenue stream, On the other hands the admin is asking that premium members has less ads mean upgraded member can see less pop-up but i think upgraded members should not view any popup and that’s only my own opinion

if you asked me for my final words then i would say that if you can endure the pop-up then go for it, otherwise upgrade it for $20/ year then you have somewhat less pop-ups and you can easily recover your amount within days if you use the all earning options

one last things that made me suspicious that there is no guarantee that the site is now staying online, however you can take a risk of including this PTC site into your list and if you invest you can easily cover up your investment if you use all earning option, it’s all up-to you.


last Updated - 28-08-2021