Tron Clix is newly PTC site where you can earn from viewing ads and completing the offers. this site launched on 14-08-2021 (official) and paying till to date with active support from user and administration.

the site owner called this site as a  MOST MODERN PROJECT OF 2021 but i did not fine any modern thing they have, the only thing that they have a typical PTC site with common PTC Features and copy paste of other sites.

Tron Clix PTC site uses somewhat unprofessional theme and have a lot of banner ads on each page which district the user from site

Tron Clix has lot of banner ads on each which are from these banner are distracting the user from site.

Tron Clix has expensive upgrade which are more expensive the Neobux and the upgrades are valid only for 90 days instead of 365 days which i think that this is not good sign.

Tron Clix screenshot

tronclix-advertise tronclix-ACCOUNT-PAGE tronclix-faq-page tronclix-FORUM tronclix-homepage tronclix-tos tronclix-view-SA


Site Detail

Site Type

PTC (Paid to click)

Site Status

New Site

Site Script


Site Launched


Site Owner

Mohammad Lotfi


How you can earn from site

There are 3+ earning ways for member to earn from

Earning Ways



Revenue Share


Offerwall List

Skippy Ads



Site Earning  (Standard Membership)

Membership Types


Per Click

10 % of Click Value

Per DR Click

10 % of Click value

Per RR Click


Number of ADS


Forced ADS


AVG Daily Earning


Inactivity Limit


Cashout Limit

17 days

Min Cashout

$ 0.5

Cashout time

15 Days

DR Limit


RR Limit



Points system Break Down


The point system was available but there are no information that how much point we gain by activity on this site

Pros and Cons



Active Site administration

New Site

Unique Design

Too Much Red color


Not so much info on forum


Boring and un-professional design


Lot of banner ads on each page


Illegal Script


Tronclix Banners


Other info of Tron Clix


They site owner name is Muhammad Lotfi and it’s seem that he if from IRAN, because he is posting on Iran section of forum

News History of Tron Clix

11-07-2021--- site launched

14-08-2021--- official launch

16-07-2021--- Site launched



Tron Clix PTC was launched on 11-07-2021 and this site is still paying to date with active site administration.

this site seems to be consists tow people named Muhammad Lotfi and Andy Ryan, one of them is from IRAN and other is from INDIA maybe .

Tron Clix site owner Muhammad Lotfi seem to new to PTC sites.

My opinion for this site is that they have boring and un-professional template and their forum is un-arranged and i have trouble looking for content and also there are lot of banner ads from and these are posted on each forum section and these banner are distracting the attention from site to banner .

the certification that they posted on the end page are seems to be fake because none of them link to this site except one on them but this seems to be photoshoped.

There are two group of user, one type of user is that they see the design first and think that the site administration is spending some money so the site can will be paying site and other group of user pay attention to payment, if the site is paying on time then this site is legit and they say design does not matter, if you ask me then i would be in both groups.

Looking at their upgrade table seem that is another PTC site with some expensive upgrade and the upgrades are more expensive site then the Elite PTC site Neobux and also their expensive upgrades are remain only for 90 days which i do not understand why the expensive upgrade are only for 90 days instead of 365 days, and also there are not so much earning on these upgrades which is not good sign.

I would advise you to you should wait for it before investing in this site and if you want to invest then try to invest low amount as much as possible and when you recover your invested amount then you can go for further upgrade and repeat same thing for other upgrades, however there is no guarantee that site is staying online because most site with expensive upgrade are gone without warning and never come back.

last updated --- 08-09-2021